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Traffic and drive times in system tray

Take the guess work out of your daily commute by seeing real-time traffic and drive times specific to your route right on your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac).

Beat the traffic - save time and money by leaving for work or home at the right time. No need to manually check the traffic on your phone to figure out the best time to get out of work - Chop commute does the work for you and always shows you the best time to start home (or work). Chop commute is like Google Now for your laptop, only better since it is designed specifically to help you get home quicker.

Key features:
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Why you should do everything to reduce your commute?

You might have heard the phrase - "Your commute is killing you". But what does it really mean? Most of us need to spend a significant time of our life going to and from work and home. The real problems with commute are staying stationary for the time which leads to obesity, increase in heart disease and general anxiety. Shortening your commute is probably one of the more significant alterations you can make to your lifestyle.

Practical ways of slashing your commute

Not everyone can move closer to work or work from home, so what are some realistic ways to deal with your commute to work? If you have a flexible schedule, time your commutes outside of peak traffic hours using Chop Commute or using the Traffic times widget on Google Maps app. You should also try and work remotely on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday since these are days with heaviest traffic. Traffic on the roads are pretty light on Fridays since most other people try to work from home on these days - so you might much as well travel on these days. Finally, explore alternative routes using not just your GPS apps, but by intutition and experimentation as well - you will be suprised as to how many of these are not factored into Apple/Google Maps.

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