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Plugins are special dll files which can be used to extend the features of Hotkeycontrol to an unlimited extent. Existing plugins developed by InchWest and other users can be downloaded here for free.

Note: Hotkeycontrol's user manual has instructions for adding and removing plugins. If you need help using the plugin, please consult the help accompanying the plugin itself.

IdleAlerts - Monitor system activity and alert you when the system is ready for input

IdleAlerts plugin lets you move away from your computer when it is busy performing some activity such as an installation or when you are waiting for a remote screen to respond, etc. It is designed to monitor changes to performance counters inside your OS and alert you when the system is ready for your input.
Note: This plugin only works with Hotkeycontrol 6.3 and above.

Download IdleAlerts plugin

RunHotkey 2.0 - Execute one or more hotkey features after a specified duration

RunHotkey plugin can be used for 3 purposes:
  1. Run one or more hotkey features after a specified duration.
  2. Run multiple hotkey features one after the other in batch mode.
  3. Run a hotkey feature multiple times.

The configuration shown above executes the files in Run 4 & 5 after 3 minutes and 25 seconds of invoking the plugin.

Download RunHotkey 2.0 plugin

ChangeResolution - Change screen resolution/colors/frequency

ChangeResolution plugin can be used to change desktop resolution/colors/frequency quickly using hotkeys. You can also enter custom values (if you know them).

Download ChangeResolution plugin

Plugin SDK & Custom plugin development

If you are comfortable with development of software using Microsoft .Net (in Visual Basic/Visual C#), you can develop your own plugins for use with Hotkeycontrol. You can download the SDK which includes the class library documentation and complete sourcecode for Screenshot plugin which is bundled with Hotkeycontrol installer.

Download the SDK (Download size: 50 KB)

Note: The SDK is provided "as is" and no support is explicitly offered by InchWest. However, on a case by case basis InchWest might provide support based on the situation.
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