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Modify keys on your Mac keyboard

Remap Keyboard lets you modify your macOS keyboard layout by changing the behavior of each key to work like another.

You can apply mapping to all your keyboards or just the selected keyboard (e.g. only the built-in keyboard on your MacBook or an USB keyboard).

All changes are applied at an OS level which means they work as intended everywhere including full screen games without consuming any extra resources (CPU or Memory). The easy to use GUI lets you quickly change keys rather than relying on tedious scripts and all changes are re-applied when your system reboots.

Note: Not all keys can be remapped in OSX - some examples are the "fn" key on your Mac's keyboard or Media keys on an external keyboard.
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⚠️ There is a bug in MacOS Sonoma version 14.2 and later which broke the ability to remap keys. Until Apple fixes this problem, Remap Keyboard cannot remap keys.

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